5 Ways To Soundproof A Window

28 July 2021
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Whether you want to block out traffic noise within the home or avoid bothering the neighbors with your weekly band practice, soundproofing the windows is the answer. Noise transmits more readily through windows compared to the solid walls of your home, so focusing on these is an effective strategy.  1. Frame Sealants Gaps in the window framing aren't just bad for energy efficiency, they also allow more noise to pass through. Read More 

Intending To Install New Windows? 3 Installation Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

4 June 2021
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One of the exciting new changes you might consider making to your home is installing new windows. New windows will change your home's appearance by improving curb appeal. New windows will also change the energy efficiency in your home by limiting heat loss. When installed properly, they will make your home be better lit and create an airy elegance that you might not have experienced previously. However, you can only enjoy these benefits when you choose good-quality windows from the market and also ensure they are professionally installed. Read More 

The Dos and Don’ts of Using Hurricane Shutters

4 May 2021
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Hurricane resistant shutters can provide invaluable protection for you and your home in the event of a hurricane. If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, having these shutters installed on your home can easily mean the difference between minimal damage to your home in the event of a storm or returning home after being evacuated to find that your home has been completed destroyed. However, to ensure that you are enjoying the maximum level of protection that these shutters can provide, it is vital that you learn the dos and don'ts of installing hurricane shutters on your home. Read More 

Window Replacement Options That Will Greatly Improve Efficiency

10 March 2021
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Replacing your windows improves your home's efficiency, right? Well, yes — to some degree. If your current windows are leaky, then replacing them with new, non-leaky windows will definitely reduce the amount of energy you're losing. However, if you really want to maximize your efficiency, then you can't just use any old replacement windows. You need to pick ones with the following qualities and features. Double- or Triple-Pane Glass Almost all windows sold these days come with either double- or triple-pane glass, but there are a few hold-out brands that still offer single-pane windows, so it is worth double-checking before you buy. Read More 

Signs That Your Wood Siding Has Reached the End of Its Lifespan

26 January 2021
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It's really hard to say exactly how long wood siding should last. There are so many factors involved, such as the type of wood used, the local climate, and how often homeowners paint the siding. Instead of operating on a hard-and-fast lifespan, it's better to just keep an eye on your siding and then replace it when you start to notice one or more of the following signs. 1. Rot Read More